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Are You Eating Clean?

I recently ran across this definition of clean eating and wanted to share it: “Clean eating is a deceptively simple concept. Rather than revolving around the idea of ingesting more or less of specific things (such as fewer calories or more protein), the idea is more about being mindful of the food’s pathway between its origin and your plate.”

The heart and soul of clean eating is consuming food in its most natural state. Think of it as a lifestyle approach to food: its purchase, its growing condition and its preparation. This mindfulness ultimately leads to an improved life in every way.

Clean Eating Guidelines


One of the first things you can do is shop at places that provide healthy fruits, vegetables and meat and promote clean living principles. Local farmers markets and grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Traders Joe’s are great places to start! Here are some additional tenets of clean eating:

  • Choose organic, if possible
  • Drink lots of pure water (at least two liters per day)
  • Avoid processed and refined foods
  • Steer clear of sugar
  • Eat five to six times a day (three meals, two to three small snacks)
  • Read labels: clean foods contain just one or two ingredients
  • Consume healthy fats and avoid trans-fats
  • Avoid preservatives, color additives, toxic binders, stabilizers and emulsifiers
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and avoid the aisles of boxed and canned food!

We Can Make It Easy

We feature 10-day and 21-day detox programs to help boost and encourage clean eating for those who are ready to make the transition. We can make it easy to help you change your eating habits and make the switch to clean eating as a part of your lifestyle.

Ask me about how you can benefit from one of our detox programs. We’re here to provide support and encouragement, so give us a call today and let’s get started on the new, improved you!

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