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Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment in Walnut Creek

woman in gray shirt holding lower backAn estimated 80% of people suffer from back pain. Symptoms can range from a dull ache and chronic stiffness to sharp pain and numbness or tingling. Many people put up with lumbar discomfort or dismiss it as no big deal. And others mask their symptoms with medication and ignore the body’s message that something is wrong.

We never recommend using muscle relaxers to ignore low back pain, as that approach is like removing the battery to quiet a smoke detector! Pain often becomes chronic when not responded to properly.

Tracking Down the Cause

At Holmes Chiropractic, we get to the root of what’s causing low back pain and help restore you to maximum health so you’re not stuck in regular cycles of pain.

At your initial consultation, we’ll talk to you about your experience of pain. No two cases are alike, so we take the time to listen and understand what you’re feeling and how it is affecting your life.

By combining a thorough conversation with a history, assessment, and examination, we make sure we’re getting the full picture of what’s going on so we can respond appropriately.

Personalized Chiropractic Care That Works

Chiropractic works because you are a self-healing, self-regulating organism controlled by your nervous system. When interference is removed from the nervous system, the body can function optimally, and you can feel your best.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your condition, Dr. Holmes will create a customized plan of care tailored to your specific needs. We may recommend gentle chiropractic adjustments, hands-on physiotherapy, or spinal decompression, depending on your needs.

Specific chiropractic adjustments can help improve spinal function. By restoring the way your spine works, discs and soft tissues may heal, nerve involvement may be reduced, discomfort can ease, and better stability can return.

Chiropractic care has helped thousands of our patients enjoy a pain-free life and return to an active lifestyle without the use of medication, injections, or surgery. In addition to chiropractic care, we sometimes recommend applying ice properly. Doing so can have an analgesic effect without the unwanted effects associated with some pain medications.

Take a Step Toward Healing Today

We want to see you feeling your best and getting back to what you love in life. Schedule your appointment now to get started with natural, effective care.


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