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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Holmes Chiropractic patient testimonials below and call our Walnut Creek Chiropractic office if you have any questions!


This was my first time to any chiropractor and I was very pleasantly surprised with the attention I received from Dr. Holmes. Dr. Holmes was very cordial and takes a no nonsense approach in healing what ails his patient. He answered all my questions and took the time to explain what was causing my discomfort. I felt so much better after my initial visit with him.

Bruce D.

Dr. Holmes was very thorough and spent a lot of time evaluating and listening to my back issue. He gave an explanation what was causing the pain and what would be his plan for care. He was very gentle, making sure to not cause me any additional pain in the adjustment process. I have been very pleased with both of my visits and already notice some relief.

Leah E.

I had never seen a chiropractor before. And since I had dealt with back issues and pain for a long time I was hopeful. I was in a lot of pain and my first visit was so personal and Dr. Holmes was so patient and seemed to really listen to my history. That was huge for me. I can’t tell you the amount of appointments I had with “experts” in the back field where I was in the office 5 to 10 minutes walking out with meds and not much hope. Dr Holmes gives you the ease and tune confidence that he wants to see you get better. I appreciate that so much. I am grateful!

Lynn C.


No pain, no gain!” But I had no pain ALL gain! Love you!!!!!! Loved the process! I’m singing your praises!!!!

Genia P.


Dr. Holmes was extremely helpful and explained everything to me. I can tell that he really wants to help me and doesn’t want to hurt my wallet ;) I truly appreciate his honest and to-the-point approach. He’s definitely a doctor who sincerely cares about his patient’s well-being. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

Ashley H.

I have never met a Chiropractor that is attentive like Dr. Holmes is with his patients. He is very thorough each visit, and offers feedback on exercises for me to perform. Dr. Holmes and his staff make me feel comfortable in talking about an array of topics. My children also see Dr. Holmes and they love him!

Traci B.

Happily, I found Dr. Holmes after many years of going from one Chiropractor to another looking for help with my Fibromyalgia and other issues. Prior to seeing Dr. Holmes, I was almost unable to walk. The pain was unbearable. Dr. Holmes has been able to help me more than anyone ever has, and he continues to help keep me on my feet and moving! I can now walk without pain! He is such a compassionate and caring person, it’s always a pleasure to visit the office. Thank you Dr. Holmes!

Joan A.


Years of dance and exercise started to wear on my back and neck. I was in pain every day for 2 years. Initially, I was apprehensive about chiropractors until I read Dr. Holmes’ biography on his website. He is everything he claims be-gentle, knowledgeable, informative and personable. In one month, with Dr. Holmes’ help, I finally began to feel better than I had in years! I’m a believer!! Thank you Dr. Holmes!

Lisa M. S. – Dance Instructor

I suffered from Sciatica following a low back surgery. Radiating pain for 20+ years, multiple epidural steroid injections and microdiscectomy surgery left me almost hopeless to be out of pain. That’s when I decided to see Dr. Holmes. My mobility slowly returned and discomfort diminished. Dr. Holmes worked closely to help me tailor my stretching routine to accelerate my recovery. After one and a half years, I’ve returned to comfort not experienced in 10 to 12 years!!! I’m back swimming and exercising, activities I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to perform again. I highly recommend Dr. Holmes and have referred several friends. Thanks Dr. Holmes!

Terry W.

I suffer from chronic Fibromyalgia, sciatica, shoulder and neck pain. My daughter recommended I see Dr. Holmes. A MIRACLE WORKER-Dr. Holmes is!!! In just 5 visits I felt relief and regained composure. Dr. Holmes is a very personable and competent chiropractor. At first I was coming in for adjustments twice a week, and quickly I saw results. Now I follow a maintenance schedule to continue feeling great! Thank you Dr. Holmes!

Rebecca M.

divider-longAfter years of sleeping problems…waking up sore and stiff, and suffering from low back/neck pain, many co-workers referred me to Dr. Holmes. Since seeing Dr. Holmes, I have been sleeping much better and waking up feeling refreshed. Almost all of my lower back pain has disappeared! I started to feel better almost immediately. Thank you so much for your help Dr. Holmes!

Colette D.

Wow. Dr. Brandon has amazing hands.

Seriously, I feel so much better and noticed that I sleep much better also. Thank you doc for giving me my life back!!!! I am back to running again!


divider-longI have worked with a few chiropractors over the years. Dr. Holmes is professional and efficient in the work he does. The staff is friendly and I find it fairly easy to get an appointment with a few days.

Jonathan N.

Dr. Holmes is talented and really pinpoint any issue. He can accommodate you on short notice. his price is very reasonable. I’ve been getting adjustments for over 35 years, and I trust Dr Holmes to do a great job every time.

Tom D.

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