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The New Hot Ticket: Foam Rolling

If you’re experiencing athletic injury, overuse syndrome or postural stress from excessive sitting, try foam rolling! This powerful therapeutic tool is a very affordable and easy-to-use home therapy that provides structural reinforcement and balance to the muscles and soft tissues of the body.

It’s like having a deep, gliding massage!

The Positive Aspects

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Exercise often induces micro-tears and swelling in muscle fibers, which impinge on nerves and blood vessels. Over time, this can develop into adhesions and scar tissue. Foam rolling helps to smooth out these obstructions and break down potential adhesions. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Helps muscles to relax
  • Improves blood circulation to all parts of the body
  • Speeds up workout recovery
  • Boosts sports performance
  • Lengthens short, tight muscles
  • Reduces pain and increases range-of-motion

Get Results

As easy and convenient as foam rolling can be, there are still guidelines to follow to ensure an optimal outcome. We want you to avoid some of the common mistakes made by novice users and obtain the results that you want!

The next time you’re in the office, ask about one of our free 30-minute foam rolling seminars. You’ll be an expert in no time!

Call Holmes Chiropractic if you have any questions!

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